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Perennial, tropical, and carnivorous tissue culture liners. Offers continuous availability on hard to find and new plant varieties. For a real-time availability on the web click the link below.

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Agri Starts
Uses tissue culture to produce high quality tropical and edible liners. For the most current availability click the link below.

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Athena Brazil
Offers the freshest and most uniformly cut and packaged cuttings in the market today, as well as annual seedlings. For a real-time availability click the website link below.

Bosgraff Greenhouse
Offers seven series of dahlias as unrooted and rooted cuttings, all started from tissue-culture stock to ensure the cleanest and best performing plants possible. Also offers two series of tropical hibiscus, with the Sunny Cities series for medium and large pots, and the Sunny Cities Pico for smaller pots.

DGI Propagators
DGI Propagators boasts 5 acres under glass that are in constant stages of propagation, pre-finished, and finished plant production. They grow over 2,000 different plant varieties. For a real-time availability click the website link below.

Four Star

Galema’s Greenhouse
Galema’s uses trusted breeders for uncompromised plant quality to offer young plants, pre-finished products, spring annuals & hanging baskets, mums, poinsettias, and other holiday products at affordable prices. Click on their website for current availability.

Malmborgs Greenhouse

Mast Young Plants
Offering young annuals in various liner trays, MYP selects the best varieties from breeders throughout the world. Now also offering an expanding line of perennial selections. For a real-time availability click the website link below.

Micandy Gardens
The latest, most innovative and performing annual varieties in the industry, grown and sold in 78’s, 105’s, and 288 count trays. To check availability click the website link below.

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North Carolina Farms
Annual rooted plugs, unrooted cuttings, combination trays, assorted plug trays. Click the link below to see what’s available.

Offers the full line of GreenFuse Botanicals, five series of Regal geraniums, young plants including dahlias, zonal/ivy geraniums, and osteospermum as rooted cuttings and plugs.

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Plant Source International
Grower’s choice for high quality spring vegetative, herb and specialty geranium cuttings. URC Availability listed on their website:

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Quality Cuttings
Supplier of domestic and off-shore Annual & Perennial Unrooted Cuttings.

Swift Greenhouse Logo

Offering 50 plug, 288 and 512 Annual and herb trays. Click website link below to check availability.

Wenke Sunbelt
Annuals, perennials, and Plugs/liners. Click ‘Young Plants’ graphic on right-hand side their homepage for current availability/ePicas link.

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Woldhuis Greenhouse
12 count Plug Trays