Finished Products

Bohemia Nursery logo

Bohemia Nursery
Perennials in 1-3 gallon pots.

Maryland Aquatic logo

Maryland Aquatic Nursery
Aquatic plants and supplies.

O.F. Nelson & Sons
Producer of Pre-finished 4″-10″ pots of Bouganvillea, Clerodenrum, Dipladenia, Gardenia, Jasmine, Mandevilla, Tibouchina, and Brown Turkey Figs.

Oosterhoff & Sons
Pre-finished perennials 4.5″ square deep pots (10 per/tray) Groundcover in 306 tray and herbs in 3.5″ square pots (18 per tray)


Post garden logo

Post Gardens Greenhouse
Michigan grower of Pre-finished Easter Lilies in 6″ pots.


Sinbad logo


Sinbad Crafts and Plants
Air plants, bromeliads, live plants.

Trixwood logo

Twixwood Nursery
Groundcovers, perennials, vine, grasses, and shrubs. Click on link below to access live availability at their website.

Woodburn logo

Woodburn Nursery
Dormant Azaleas and Budded Rhododendrons.