AG3 Logo

AG 3
Perennial, tropical, and carnivorous tissue culture liners. Offers continuous availability on hard to find and new plant varieties. For a real-time availability on the web click the link below.

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Uses tissue culture to produce high quality tropical and edible liners. For the most current availability click the link below.

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Aris Horticulture
Popular Mandevilla programs — 72 cell liners and 4.5″ pre-finished.

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K & M Nursery
Tropical plants in 10″, gallon, 3 gallon and 7 gallon containers. Bonsai assortments.

Marlboro Bulb
Supplies an array of sizes of Elephant Ear corms (Colocasia, Alocasia).

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Railroad Nursery
Supplies high quality flowering tropical plants and foliage.